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Common + Sensei

Being a Sensei isn’t for everyone… but everyone needs a Sensei. Not a common sensei, but a CommonSensei. We all need a mentor, life coach, or CommonSensei.  Are you ready to transcend from average to savage – Ordinary student to modern day samurai! This self-help curriculum has sharpened the swords ⚔ of thousands of people seeking a warrior’s mindset, and now it’s available to you.  You need to ask yourself, were you put on this battlefield to survive or thrive?  It’s up to you. I’m your CommonSensei, a master of life skills, sorcerer of street smarts, and protector of good old fashioned common sense.  Meet Bill Viola Jr

School will NOT prepare you for the real world; FACTS⚠️. It’s not your fault — priorities have shifted from common sense education, to being really-really good at taking standardized tests😠. The same kids who ace AP Calculus are later sinking in massive credit card debt and English majors can’t draft a decent resume.  The system is lacking street smarts: instinct, application, and self-confidence.

CommonSensei is your guide to 💯% legal ways to leverage your position as a Gen-Z student to “live your best life.” It’s loaded with trade secrets and inside info from experts who go off the record and share tips to kick ass at life!

common sensei bill viola jr

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