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common sensei bill viola jr

Who is CommonSensei:  My name is Bill Viola Jr., but everyone calls me Sensei. 

I’m a second generation black belt, blessed to have transformed my passion into a lifestyle.   My father (who co-founded the sport of MMA in America) and I have taught tens of thousands of young adults since opening our dojo in 1969.  One disturbing trend has emerged… the decline of common sense.

Sensei Says🥋:  CommonSensei is a “portmanteau,” (a fancy word I nobody can pronounce correctly😄) formed by combining two different terms to create a new entity. By blending the sounds and meanings it creates a new original expression.

At face value, CommonSensei is just that, a teacher of common sense, but its play on words is unique to my own “ZENspirational” brand of self-discovery. As a life coach, my mission is to mentor, motivate, and inspire the next generation of students through life skills I’ve coined the Martial SMARTS.  My brand of innovative and inspiring content includes:  Sensei Says ®, CommonSensei ®, and Black Belt in Life ®.  My goal is to help you level up in all areas of your life:  finances, relationships, career, and health.  Each colored belt rank you achieve in the programs inch closer towards self-mastery.  As you follow along the path towards enlightenment, CommonSensei is your game master in a contest that has no instruction manual.  As you play, there are no real winners or losers, just those who take control of their destiny.  Endgame is becoming, “A Black Belt in Life.”  Learn about Zentensity

Bill Viola Jr. (aka CommonSensei)