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CommonSensei is your guide to 💯% legal ways to leverage your position as a Gen-Z or Millennial student to “live your best life.” It’s loaded with trade secrets and inside info from experts that go off the record and share tips to “Kick A$$ @ Life!”

Life hacks? We got ‘em: What if I’m underage and the party is busted🍺? How can I become a millionaire🤑? Is this a scam🤔? We will feast on all the “knowledge-nuggets” you need to succeed, like insurance, healthcare, etiquette, first aid and beyond. CommonSensei is a NO BS 💩 approach to “adulting” empowered by my very own spin on Japanese methodology.  It’s “ZENtastic.”

One things for sure, the cost of learning life skills is priceless.  I’ve done countless experiments with my Gen-Z students (all in good fun) it never ceases to amaze me how dumb   honor roll students can be.  Yes, they can kick ass on standardized tests, but sadly can’t balance a check book.  Ace health class, yup, but live on a genetically modified diet.  “Sensei I can tell you all about the Pythagorean Theorem,” great, is that helping to pay the exuberant interest on your loans?  There should be courses on how to do laundry, jump start a car, file taxes, budget, cook, and certainly don’t know how to be “independent” thinkers.  That’s where CommonSensei comes in!


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